COMMISSIONS / WEDDING DRESS PAINTINGS See completed wedding dress portraits and preliminary sketches:

After you okay the details, it takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the painting. Occasionally there’s a delay if a certain type of canvas/panel is out of stock. I send you a photo of the completed painting and after you okay it, I apply the final protective coatings (which takes about 3 days to cure) and then ship the painting to you.

If the painting is 18”x24 or smaller, I typically use a masonite panel on a raised wooden cradle. This smooth surface allows for plenty of detail as most wedding dress have so many beautiful details.

If the painting is larger than 18”x24, then the painting will be completed on canvas. All paintings are painted with professional quality acrylic paints and UV coatings.

If you’d like an ink sketch or a watercolor of your dress, I can also do that. The price will be less than those posted above.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss a commission.


Typically the commission process works like this. You email photos of the dress to me — or perhaps send a link to an online photo album. Wedding dresses are usually intricately detailed, so the more, the better. I then send you two or three sketches.  

Yes, I do wedding dress portraits and would love to create a painting of your special dress! A wedding dress painting also makes a great gift. Here are prices for an acrylic painting including

shipping in the US:

11"x14" $319

12"x16" $345

14"x18" $380

16"x20" $460

18"x24" $615

24"x24" $810

24"x30" $1,020

30"x40" $1,700